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 Duct Air Leakage Testing


A company that takes pride in our craft, quickly and accurately. You have worked hard to get these systems installed! Chinook Test & Balance will work hard to get you the TAB report and the TAB services you need. We are TABB Certified ContractorTM with more than a decade of TAB experience and an array of industry certifications to meet your testing needs. Chinook has completed projects in the Denver and Colorado Springs area. We are willing to travel and enjoy the opportunity to help those in need. ChinookTAB is an extremely motivated company with the drive to tackle any project in the region. 


Chinook Test & Balance, Inc. is dedicated to providing the Rocky Mountain Region with fast and accurate Test & Balance services. TESTING conducted with the highest grade equipment on the market. ADJUSTMENT of air and hydronic systems to achieve superior efficiency. BALANCING all equipment varieties and system designs for optimal performance.


Find out more about our business and services. We are happy to assist you on your next project!


Only INTEGRITY can keep a TAB report honest and accurate. We strive to build INTEGRITY into every project, large and small. The hidden forces of our trade necessitate the honesty in its reporting. Chinook Test & Balance relies on stringently calibrated tools and expert skill set to accurately report equipment performance. INTEGRITY is what makes Chinook Test & Balance your choice for fast, accurate work.


Chinook Test & Balance takes pride in the hard work you put into your job. Our roots are in sheet metal and respect for the trade runs deep. Chinook has 13 years TAB experience with industry certifications to meet your testing needs. Together our expertise can "Build America." A company that takes pride in our craft, quickly and accurately. Chinook has the skills necessary to deliver a superior product for your customer. A professional balance with a quick turn around on the report.

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